The Weather Feature of Advantage Acre Utilizes weathertrends360 to give growers accurate, long term forecasts to optimize productivity.weather5

What information can I view from Advantage Acre?



  • From Advantage Acre, we can view field specific weather.
  • From the “Weather” tab, we can see an Overview, 11 month trend, and a 4 week weather forecast.
  • Under the “Overview” tab, we can see Precipitation, Temperature and GDU data. Green means Higher than average, and Red means lower than average. This information recaps the last 14 days.overview


  • Under the “11 Month Weather Trend” we can view the same information as before, only this stretches forward 11 months in advance. It also shows us soil temperature and frost dates.


  • Under the “4 Week Weather Forecast” we can see temperature, rainfall, and GDU’s for the next 4 weeks.


Can I view the weathertrends360 website to see this information?

  • Yes, as a subscriber to Advantage Acre Plus, you will go to Weathertrends360 where you will use the email from you Advantage Acre account to login. You will have to then request to reset your password before you can successfully login.
  • After resetting your password, you will need to make sure you set your 3 locations in Weathertrends.

Do I need to keep my weathertrends360 account?

  • If you currently have a weathertrends360 account, you will receive Advantage Acre at a discounted rate, so you will not pay for weathertrends360 access twice.