How does Functional Soil Mapping work?

  • Functional Soil Mapping works by taking the two dimensional soil map that we are used to, and taking slope, topography, elevation, rainfall, and other factors into effect. This information allows us to create more of a 3 dimensional model to really see where the highest and lowest points of productivity are in a given field.

Do I have to soil test for Functional Soil Mapping?

  • You are NOT REQUIRED to soil test for Functional Soil Mapping to work. However, by adding soil test data to you Functional Soil Map, you can build a bigger story to help aid in Variable Rate recommendations. The first generation map will be USDA soil data with Functional Soil Mapping to make a more accurate soil type map. If a grower chooses to add soil test data, Functional Soil Mapping will layer that information making the map even more accurate which takes us to the second generation map. Additional data will create generation 3, 4, 5, etc.

How does Functional Soil Mapping have an advantage over USDA soil survey information?

  • Soil survey data is a great source of information to give us a general idea of what kinds of soils are present in a given area. However, USDA soil survey data was gathered before precision agriculture was a primary focus. By utilizing Functional Soil Mapping, we can create a map that shows how soils gradually change based on slope, topography, and water movement. FSM helps build a better picture of the variable productivity across an entire field.


Soil Type Feature

  • Once you created your field, you can view the Soil Survey Data under the “Soil Type” tab.
  • Select different soils on the map to view the soil texture.selecting-on-of-soil



How do I upload Soil Test data?

  1. Under the “Soil Test” tab, you can upload soil test data.uploading soil data.png
  2. The file must be in a Compressed (Zipped) Folder. You create this by selecting the files that make up the soil test data and sending them to a Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Soil3
  3. On the window you can choose which data you would like to view by using the drop down box.
  4. You can select a sample date also.
  5. Select “Confirm” once finished.



I am having trouble uploading soil data in Advantage Acre.

  1. Make sure your files are in a compressed zip file. Then upload.
  2. Make sure the files are soil test data points. Not field boundaries, yield data, etc.


What does the Functional Soil Map tell me?

  • Functional Soil Survey (Improving the USDA Soil Survey)functional-soil-survey
  • Field productivity indexupdated-pi-2
  • More accurate representations of field productivity for variable rate recommendations.
  • Soil sampling points are also available to export for increased productivity.


How do I delete soil test data?

  • Select the “X” next to the file name as seen in the picture below.Soil9