Seed Plan


Can I make Variable Rate recommendations with my non AgReliant seed?

  • Yes. Variable Rate recommendations will be built with the Functional Soil Mapping tool. However, the advantage of using AgReliant seed would be the specific hybrid population curves that will aid in creating the variable rate recommendation.

How will we validate the Variable Rate Seeding recommendations?

  • We will validate these recommendations with our innovator trials. We have been using these trials to validate VR recommendations to evaluate the return on variable rate seeding. You also have test blocks you can use on your own fields to benchmark effectiveness.

Can I make changes to Variable Rate on the computer and/or in the field?

  • Yes. You can make these changes on the computer. Under the “Seed Plan” variable rate tab, you use the dial to set your absolute minimum and maximum population. Then after you create your plan, you can select “Modify Rate” to make changes.

How far in advance do I need to request Variable Rate recommendations?

  • Far enough in advance to get the recommendations made, exported to your computer, and imported into the tractor monitor. Payment for VR will be made once you decide to export the data.

How do I use the Seed Plan in Advantage Acre?

  • First select a field you want to create a seed plan for.selecting-field
  • Next, select the “Seed Plan” tab on the right hand side.selecting-seed-plan
  • Fill in all the credentials. Make sure you have the correct year and crop entered in.planting-date
  • Once you select your hybrid, a window will pop up that contains product information. Click the export icon to learn more.view-product-info
  • Once all of your information is entered, select “SAVE SEED PLAN” or “UPDATE SEED PLAN” at the bottom of the
  • Failure to SAVE the Seed Plan will result in lost work.



How do I add multiple hybrids in each field?

  • When selecting your hybrid in Seed Plan, select “+ Add New Hybrid”.adding-new-hybrid
  • Next, select your hybrid based on maturity and trait.
  • Once finished, remember to save your seed plan.
  • Split Planter and Multi-Hybrid Planting coming soon. 


How are Variable Rate Recommendations Built?

  • Select “VARIABLE RATE” in the seed plan.
  • Enter your yield goal for this field.
  • Be sure to hit the “Calculator” button after entering a yield goal
  • entering-yield-goal
  • Once finished, select “VIEW HYBRID RECOMMENDATION”.saving-hybrid-recommendation
  • On the map, you will see the variable rate recommendation along with the test blocks.
  • To modify the map, you can select “MODIFY RATE”.modify-rate
  • With the modify tool, you have a variety of options. modify-rate-details
  • Move field test blocks by selecting the center and dragging. VR4
  • To save the Variable Rate Recommendation, first you need to select “Update Seed Plan”update-seed-plan
  • Then you will select “Save Rate Recommendation”. save-rate
  • Finally, when you are ready to purchase simply select “Save for Purchase” save-for-purchase