I cannot get my Advantage Acre Scouting App to work..

  • First, check to make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated
  • Make sure your Location is set to the “On” position.
  • You can view this under the “Settings” app and “Privacy” tab in your device.Scouting 3
  • Make sure you are in a field that is created in the Advantage Acre program.Fields cannot be created in the scouting app.



Where do I find the page to go scouting?

  • Make Sure you are under the “Go Scouting” tab. This can be found under the Menu button as shown below.

Scouting 4

How do I use the scouting app?

  • After navigating to the “Go Scouting” page, you zoom into where the blue dot is on the map. This is your location point. You can get there quicker by selecting the location arrow icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Scouting 5

  • Next, select the field you are in or near to, and click the “START TRIP” button.

Scouting 6

  • Now, as you travel through the field, the scouting app will leave a trail so you can see where you have been. Along the way, you can add notes, take stand counts, and add problems.

Scouting 7


  • When using the “PROBLEM” Tab, you will come to a new window as seen below. Based on the field’s crop, different pests will appear.


  • Once you select your pest, you can fill in the credentials based on the severity of the problem.


  • When creating a new note, you can add notes and pictures during your trip. Select “SAVE” when finished to record.

Scouting 17

  • When taking stand counts, fill in the credentials. You can also take pictures to help gather information.

Scouting 19

  • When you are finished scouting, you can select “Done” on the top right corner. The screen below will then show up. Click “Finish”

Scouting 12

  • By going to “Scouting History” under the menu tab, you can view past scouting trips.

Scouting 15

  • Scouting trips are organized based on Field, Date, and time. It also shows the duration of the scouting trip.

Scouting 16

  • Your map will show you the path you took, along with interest points.

Scouting 13

What does the green pin indicate?

  • This is the location that is in the middle of all of your created fields in Advantage Acre.

How do I download Advantage Acre on my iPad?

  • First, on your iPad, go to the App Store.
  • Then, type Advantage Acre into the search engine on the top right corner. Then select “Search”.
  • When using an iPad, you need to change your search to “iPhone Only”.Scouting 1
  • Once you see AdvantageAcre. You can select “GET” to download the app.

Scouting 2


How do I view scouting history through my Advantage Acre Account?

  • All information from your IPad or IPhone is synced wireless to the account.
  • You can view it under the “Scouting” tab from the home screen.

Scouting 20


Updates coming to Advantage Acre Scouting App.

  • Pests and their pictures will be updated in the future.