Add/Delete Fields


How do I create a field in Advantage Acre?

  • First, log on to Advantage Acre and click “New Field”select-new-field
  • You can add a new field by uploading a shapefile, drawing a boundary, or selecting a common land unit.3-options-for-creating-a-field
  • To draw a field boundary, use the cursor to select around the borders.drawing-a-new-field
  • Once finished drawing. Enter in the field name, farm name, and the crop. field-name
  • You have now created a field in Advantage Acre.



How do I add a field using shapefiles?

  • First, select “New Field” from the home screen. select-new-field
  • Next, choose a shapefile from your computer. chosing-shape-file
  • Make sure the file is in a compressed zip format. Otherwise, it will not upload correctly. This is done by taking the fields boundary file’s, selecting them, and sending them into a “Compressed Zipped Folder”. Files are traditionally SHP, DBF, SHX, and PRJ types. FieldShapefile2
  • Your field is uploaded in Advantage Acre. field-loaded-after-shape-file



How do I edit a field?

  • First, select the field you wish to edit in Advantage Acre.
  • Next, select the editing pencil just to the right of the field name.editing-field
  • Now, you can edit the field name, crop, planting date, or even field border. Once finished, select “Save”.


How do I add multiple common land units to form one field?

  • As of right now, we do not have the capability to add multiple land units to form one field. For now, you have three options…
    1. Add each section individually and label them. Probably the least ideal option. For example Home 80_1 and Home 80_2
    2. Draw the entire field border. This would include the waterways or field obstacles.field-with-waterways
    3. A more advanced way to draw the field so you do not include the waterways or obstacles is to connect them by drawing from one shape to the other. As shown below.field-without-waterways




How do I delete a field in Advantage Acre?

  • From the home screen, select the field you desire to delete from Advantage Acre.
  • Select the editing pencil just to the right of the field name.editing-field


  • Once you have selected the pencil. Click the “Delete” button.deleting-a-field


  • You have now deleted a field in Advantage Acre.


I am uploading shapefiles to form a field and it is not working, what should I do?

  • Make sure that the files you are loading are field boundaries. Sometimes it is easy to get the wrong file types uploaded into the system.
  • Make sure the files are in a “Compressed (zipped) Folder” format.Shapefiles2