So what is Advantage Acre… It’s an easy-to-use field management tool that makes complex precision agriculture practical.


Advantage Acre has the three main platforms that make up our system




How much is Advantage Acre?

  • Advantage Acre is free.
  • Advantage Acre PLUS is $300/ annual subscription
  • Advantage Acre VR is $3.00/ acre

What does Advantage Acre include?

  • Create account and link to brand
  • Create/upload fields, soil data, and yield data
  • Seed planning tool
  • Current weather data
  • View Soil Types (USDA Soil Survey Maps)

What does Advantage Acre PLUS include?

  • All of the Advantage Acre free features, plus:
  • Add planting information, as planted data
  • Scouting notes
  • Crop growth progress
  • Historic versus current weather
  • Weathertrends360 long-term forecasts
  • Variable rate planting recommendation at a per acre charge

What is Weathertrends360?

  • Weathertrends360 is the latest in advanced weather forecasting.
  • Industry-leading meteorologists use precision mathematics to provide accurate long-term forecasts up to 11 months out
  • This gives farmers the ability to be proactive rather than reactive throughout the planning and growing season.

What is Functional Soil Mapping and how does it work?

  • Standard maps view your field as a two-dimensional space. Functional soil mapping expands that view into three dimensions to more accurately assess each field’s unique topography & identify its precision points.
  • Predictions on how the soil changes between these points are made because some soils move easier than others and the degree of slope can impact movement.

How are the VR prescriptions developed?

  • Variable Rate seeding prescriptions are developed by focusing in on Seed, Soil, and Weather.
  • At AgReliant, we have the agronomic and product knowledge that is needed to put the right product on the right acre.
  • By creating Functional Soil Maps, we gain a greater understanding of the soils in our fields.
  • Working with Weathertrends360 gives us the knowledge of weather and how it effects the growing season.

Why do other brands offer Advantage Acre?

  • Advantage Acre is a program that was built by AgReliant Genetics which is the parent company of the brands AgriGold, LG, Great Lakes, Producers, Wensman, Eureka, Pride, and Golden Acres.

When does the subscription start/end?

  • Advantage Acre Basic will be free for you to use with your original log in information. Your data will also be saved. Once you decide to subscribe to PLUS, it will be available to you for an entire calendar year, or 365 days.

Is it too late to get started on the program?

  • No. The only reason it would be too late to start on the program is utilizing VR prescriptions after planting season. You would still be able to take advantage of other features on Advantage Acre such as the data management, weathertrends360, scouting app, and much more. By utilizing this data, it can help you plan throughout the year.

What happens to my account on October 1 if I do not sign up for PLUS?

  • All of the information that you have currently entered into the program will be saved and will not go away. Growers, who do not sign up after October 1st, will not be able to continue using PLUS features. Growers will only be able to use the free features.

Are there any discount programs in relation to seed purchasing?

  • Seed purchasing discounts in relation to Advantage Acre are at a brand level. Talk to your local District Sales Manager for more information regarding discounts on the program.

Do I get a discount if I sign up several thousand acres?

  • As of right now, we do not have a pricing program in place for Advantage Acre. Once this comes available we will let everyone know. Our program will be competitively priced.

Can my farmhand use the same information?

  • Yes, there will be an administrative feature available which will allow the account holder to share his information with employee’s, field advisors, landlords, etc. This administrative feature also allows the account holder to choose which information he would like shared and private.

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